Samsung celebrated the tenth anniversary of its Galaxy line by releasing a dizzying range of Galaxy smartphones early this year, creating a great deal of excitement and hype among smartphone enthusiasts and everyday users alike. The Galaxy S10 range, which comprises the S10, S10E and S10 Plus, introduces a stylish Infinity-O screen, an impressive triple-lens rear camera, hole-punch display and powerful new hardware. While Samsung’s stylish smartphone is brimming with cutting-edge tech features, the range is by no means perfect. If you’ve come across problems with your device, you’re not alone. We’re here to dive into those issues and provide workarounds or solutions to help you make your Galaxy S10 experience as great as you anticipated. So, read on to find out five common Galaxy S10 problems and how you can potentially fix them. 

Problem 1: Poor Bluetooth connectivity

Galaxy S10 users have complained that their Bluetooth connection drops while in use, cutting out audio and causing interruption to songs, phone calls and podcasts. While most users find that the Bluetooth connects properly at first, it later disconnects while the screen is off, only to reconnect when the smartphone is woken up

Potential fixes:

  • The usual way to fix Bluetooth connection issues is to turn the Bluetooth off, and then turn it back on again.
  • Try going to Settings > Apps, then find Bluetooth and clear the cache to erase the pairing between your S10 and the device you want to connect to. Next, repeat the Bluetooth pairing process between your two devices. 
  • If your problem is with a particular app like Spotify, turn off the phone’s optimisation settings by going to Settings > Apps, then tap the three dots found on the top-right, and select Special access > Optimise battery usage. Scroll down from the drop-down box and untick Spotify or the app you’re using. 
  • If the problem lies with the Bluetooth connection in your car or speakers, repeat the above steps and untick Bluetooth battery management from the Optimise battery usage list instead. 

Problem 2: Phone battery drains quickly

With a 3,400mAh battery in the Galaxy S10 and a 4,100mAh battery in the S10 Plus, users should expect all-day battery life on a single charge with normal use. However, if you find that your smartphone’s battery is running out quicker than usual, the issue may stem from the apps that continue to run in the background, thus draining your phone’s charge. Users have also complained that the new ‘lift to wake’ feature, which automatically turns the smartphone back on when you pick it up, causes the phone to turn on by accident when it’s in a pocket or bag, draining the battery even more.


  • To cut down on how often you wake up your smartphone, go to Settings > Lock screen, and deselect Always On Display. Then, head to Settings> Advanced features > Motions and gestures, and deselect Lift to wake.
  • To get a detailed breakdown of a list of apps that may be draining your battery, go to Settings > Device > Maintenance > Battery > Battery Usage. The app that consumes the most battery will appear on top of the list. If you see anything other than an app you just used to play a game, Display, Screen, Android System or OS at the top, something isn’t right. You can then choose to disable or reinstall any app that appears to use up more battery than it should.
  • To prevent accidental taps and touches in general, go to Settings > Display, and toggle Accidental touch protection on.

Problem 3: Phone overheats often 

Following a string of reported incidents where Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones caught fire, it’s understandable that users are going to get nervous when their smartphone heats up unexpectedly. While warm phones are a normal occurrence and not a complete deal-breaker, a handful of Galaxy S10 users have found their phones heating up considerably during regular use. Complaints from users range from simply finding their phones hot to the touch, to some phones becoming so hot that it won’t turn on


  • Check that your Galaxy S10 isn’t downloading data in the background while you’re using your device for other tasks.
  • Make sure to use the actual charger that comes with your Samsung device when you’re charging it.
  • Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any other solution that you can handle on your own. Your best bet is to contact Samsung or your carrier to arrange for a repair or replacement, just to be safe

Problem 4: Poor Wi-fi connectivity

Some Galaxy S10 users on tech forum threads seem to be unable to connect their device to a home internet network or public hotspot, or find that their Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping

Potential fixes:

  • Try forgetting your Wi-Fi network and re-entering the password on your Galaxy S10 by going to Settings > Connections > Wi-fi. Next, push and hold your home internet connection and select forget network when it pops up on your phone. Search for a Wi-Fi connection and select yours, and then re-enter the password. 
  • To make sure you stay connected to your Wi-Fi even when your phone screen is off, head to Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced Settings, and disable the Wi-Fi sleep option.
  • To refresh and reload your Galaxy S10’s memory, apps and services, including the Wi-Fi, perform a reboot by pressing and holding the Power and Volume-Down buttons at the same time for approximately ten seconds, or until your device turns off and restarts automatically

Problem 5: ‘Warning: camera failed’

Galaxy S10 users have complained about the error message ‘Warning: camera failed’ popping up when they try to access the camera app, which means that the camera has failed to open or initialise.

Potential fixes:

  • Check that you’re not running other apps that might be using the camera in the background, even though you’re not using those apps. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other instant messaging apps are common culprits that can trigger the error message.
  • Troubleshoot the camera app itself by clearing the cache. Head to Settings > Apps > Camera, tap Storage and select Clear cache.
  • If the above doesn’t work and you still see the error message when you try to open the camera app, try deleting the data files. Go to Settings > Apps > Camera, select Storage, and tap Clear data
  • The error message may pop up due to a software-related glitch, so try rebooting your Galaxy S10, then check to see if the problem is gone when your device restarts.

We hope this article has addressed most of the issues you may be facing with your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E or S10 Plus. If your Galaxy S10 is still acting up despite following our tips, head down to MKC Repairs for a phone diagnostic test and get your device fixed at the lowest price. Our qualified technicians have extensive experience fixing smartphones of all makes and models, so you can rest assured knowing your Galaxy S10 is in the right hands. Don’t wait until the problems with your smartphone get worse. Contact our friendly customer service team at 1300 803 183 to find out more and we’ll get your phone fixed in no time!


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